Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I recently had a chance to visit Disneyland via a side trip from a company meeting in Las Vegas. This was the 3rd year and this works out very well as far as cost. It is a nice 4 hr scenic drive from Vegas to Anaheim. We have a tradition of stopping at Knott's for a chicken dinner as soon as we arrive. Fantastic food there! Anyway...on to Disneyland!

We only did one day this year. We had thought we could cover just about everything we wanted to do in a day. My only disappointment was missing the mountains, especially Space
Mtn. We neglected to get a fastpass and at the end of the day the wait was 80 minutes. On to some thoughts on a few select attractions!

Small World: This was our first visit since the
refurb. My wife and I were very impressed with the outcome. Bright, vibrant colors, very well done. We also did not think the addition of the characters took anything away from the attraction. They fit in very inconspicuously, except for the Little Mermaid, who had a very big scene. All in all, it was great, no complaints here!

Pirates of the Caribbean: As usual, this attraction surpasses it's cousin in
WDW. I love the New Orleans beginning through the bayou. The multiple drops and so many extra scenes makes it a fantastic attraction! I just wish Disney would have duplicated this one in Florida.

Peter Pan: I really like this version over the
WDW version, the main reason being the star field that is here, but not there. It really gives a feeling of flying just a little more than WDW. Peter Pan is a great attraction no matter where you ride it!

A couple other mentions include Indiana Jones which is always a great time and the monorail which was a first ride on the new Mark 7. Very nice setup and I like the lighting at night. I still can't quite stand up in it though, score one for the
WDW monorails especially if you are tall.

Another fantastic time at Disneyland! Can it be any other way?


  1. I've never been to DL, so this was cool to read.

  2. It's so bizarre that it seems like more people go back to WDW year to year yet like a lot more of the attractions in DL. I did a similar post in my blog comparing attractions from both places! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!! LOL :o)