Monday, September 28, 2009

Castaway Cay Construction

I recently took a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise on my favorite Cruise Line and you can take a guess at which one. I wanted to post a few pictures of the construction seen going on at Castaway Cay. The most noticeable is the new water feature with slides and a bucket dump. As you can see in the photos, it is still wrapped in plastic in many places. This mini water park will be called "Pelican Plunge". You will have to swim to get to it and it will include water cannons!

This thing looks like loads of fun and I have no doubt will be a fantastic addition to Disney's own Island Paradise! Enjoy the pics!

The picture above shows many new vertical poles. I can only guess these may be for the new cabanas that are planned. I will be returning to Castaway Cay in late January and will be able to update everyone on any new progress that I see.

This huge mountain of sand is just off the dock where the Magic and Wonder reside while at Castaway Cay. Looks like plenty of work to be done around the dock area.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I did not cover all the new additions to Castaway Cay that will be coming by the summer of 2010. These are just a few that I was able to photograph.

Anyone who has the good fortune to travel on the best cruise line in the industry will soon be able to enjoy many new ways to have fun or relax at Castaway Cay. I am really looking forward to the new additions! Less than a year after the upgrades, here comes the new Disney Dream! And I am sure everyone can't wait for a cruise on one of the new ships! See you there :)

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  1. I HEART Castaway Cay! I love that you need to swim to Pelican Plunge...totally cool concept. I like swimming there because of all the hidden sunken treasures...which *ahem* I believe you have yet to find the sunken Mickey...correct? *wink wink*

    It's 2012 now, so am wondering what MORE new additions have been added!!!! Guess you'll find out in about 2 months...lucky duck!